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Friday, December 10, 2010

Batu Pahat Food 峇株美食

When people ask me, what are the food famous in Batu Pahat? I really speechless... Why I am speechless? Stay tune and wait for my explanation...

Muar- Otak-otak
Melaka- Cendol, Nyonya dishes, Coconut Shake, ...
Klang- Bak Kut Teh
Ipoh- Nga Choi Kai Fan (Chicken rice with bean sprouts), Hiong Peng, Egg tarts, White Coffee, ...
Penang- Loo Mee, Fried Kuey Tiao, Hae Mee, Penang Laksa, ...
Sarawak- Kolok Mee, Kam Pua, Sarawak Laksa, ...


But what food is famous in Batu Pahat? In fact, I'm speechless because every food in Batu Pahat are so delicious!! Until I not manage to distinguish which one is the only good and famous~ =)

Let's me introduce all "Batu Pahat Food 峇株美食" 1 by 1 below:

Bak Kut Mee,峇株排骨面
(Lactose,near Carrefour)

Takoyaki, 峇株章鱼烧
(The Summit)

(Food court at Jalan Syahbandar)

Hedgehog Bun, 峇株刺猬包
(Ming Ker Castle名阁,Jalan Abu Bakar)

Pisang Goreng, Cempedak Goreng, Nian Gao Goreng
(Tam Chaik Kuey 峇株贪吃街,Jalan Pengkai)

Malay style of Apam Balik... more sweet
(Jalan Rugayah,in front The Store)

Chinese style of Apam Balik,峇株面煎糕 ... more salty
(Comfort food court, Jalan Abu Bakar)

Chinese Apam Balik,峇株面煎糕... more salty
(Comfort food court, Jalan Abu Bakar)

Hakka Mee,峇株客家面
(Jalan Engan,opposite Cendol shop)

Bak Cok Mee,峇株肉碎面
(Hai Kee Food Court, Jalan Syahbandar)

Cha Tao Ker,峇株菜头糕
(Hai Kee Food Court, Jalan Syahbandar)

Ker Chap,峇株粿汁
(Restaurant Soon Lai,Jalan Fatimah)

Cha Tao Ker,峇株菜头糕
(Jalan Soga, only at night)

Bak Kut Mee,峇株排骨面
(猪小弟排骨面, Taman Setia Jaya 2)

(Rengit Cafe)

Carrot Susu
(大杯水, Jalan Penjaja)

Soya Bean with You Tiao 峇株豆浆油条
(台湾永和豆浆, near Low Piak,Taman Dato Onn Ja'far and Taman Emas Jaya)


all others delicious foods in Batu Pahat~ Enjoy!

This the montage is showing some of the Batu Pahat food...
(I found this from one of the website)

Top row (from left to right): Roti Canai (Tasik Y), Nangka, Curry Fish Head, Otak
Middle row (from left to right): Teh Tarik (Tasik Y), Cendol (Jalan Engan), Ah See Wan Tan Mee (Jalan Jenang,beside OCBC Bank), Mee Bandung

Bottom row (from left to right): Ali Asam Pedas, Laksa Johor (Tam Chaik Kuey,Jalan Pengkai), Nasi Brani (Peserai food court,opposite Putra Hospital), Prawn Mee (Tam Chaik Kuey,Jalan Pengkai)


  1. please remove ur banner photo. wilson koh.

  2. You can also try the curry laksa at Taman Bukit Perdana run by a husband and wife team in the corner coffeeshop Yuen Zhi Wei. One of the three best in town.The best thing is it still cost only rm3.oo normal bowl.